Why I Love Columbus: Two-Dozen Reasons From the Portfolio Creative Team

Originally posted on: http://columbus.org/2015/09/why-i-love-columbus-two-dozen-reasons-from-the-portfolio-creative-team/

Dear Columbus,

We love living and working with you, and wanted to let you know how great we think you are! Here are two-dozen reasons why.

What Makes Columbus So Great by Portfolio Creative:

1. With a thriving and vibrant creative scene, you’re full of art, music, design, and creativity.
2. You’re diverse, friendly, and welcoming to all. A place where strangers smile and say hello!
3. Charming and historic neighborhoods make you unique. We love living and working in places like Grandview, Clintonville, German Village, Old Worthington, and Upper Arlington.
4. You’re filled with smart, talented, ambitious individuals and innovators.
5. Fresh and green, your city and Metro parks make us feel lucky to have so much nature nearby.
6. You provide the opportunity to live a great life, with strong job growth and a low cost of living.
7. A great food city, you have lots of locally owned and operated places to grab amazing food and drinks.
8. Easy to get around, we can be pretty much anywhere in less than 30 minutes.
9. You’re a great sports town! We’re fans of the Blue Jackets, Crew SC and, of course, the Buckeyes.
10. You allow us to enjoy the beauty of all four seasons.
11. When we want to visit someone else, your updated airport is easy to navigate and you’re close to other big cities.
12. With so many great places to shop and top fashion companies, you’re one stylish city.
13. We love how you support all of the local stores, farmers’ markets, coffee shops, restaurants and businesses.
14. It’s easy living with you; every aspect of life can be harder in other cities.
15. You’re so smart–some of the best schools are here, from elementary through colleges and universities.
16. Your people go out no matter what the weather is like, and really celebrate the warmth of spring after a tough winter!
17. Not too big or too small, you’re just the right size.
18. You’re innovative and supportive of entrepreneurship, new businesses, products, concepts and ideas.
19. Family-friendly, you really are a great place to grow up.
20. You’re home to a wide variety of industries, an education hub, and a government center.
21. You love and support local musicians, plus you have one of the very few independent radio stations left in the U.S.
22. We love a good party—you always have something exciting happening, and host some of the best festivals around!
23. Hey good-looking, you have art EVERYWHERE!
24. Did we mention how nice you are? Life in other bigger cities helps us appreciate everything about living here.

Thanks for being you, and for letting us be a part of ColumbUS.

Your not-so-secret admirers,
The Portfolio Creative Team