When Everyone is Happy, Everyone is Productive

By Catherine Lang-Cline

If you’ve made the decision to add a temporary worker to your staff, you’re not alone. According to the American Staffing Association, about 3 million people are employed through a staffing company every week. A great majority of temporary workers have very satisfying experiences.

Why? Here is a behind the scenes look at what we as a recruiting company do to keep your temporary employee happy at work:

  1. Proper screening so the candidate has the perfect skill set for the job. No one wants to be sent to a place to work and have no idea how to do what’s needed. We work with you to get the job description right and then we find the person that fits the skill set, the culture and the daily requirements.

  2. We offer our candidates healthcare when hourly requirements are met. That takes the worry away from our people that do not have healthcare and it also removes their immediate need to get hired permanently somewhere else.

  3. We offer paid time off with certain requirements because sometimes people need a day off to take care of themselves or family.

  4. We pay the candidate weekly. Working with us allows them to receive payment like regular employees while our clients enjoy a 30-day payment schedule though our invoicing.

  5. Other things that can be offered are resume writing, career coaching, and more.

As a client, here are a few things that you can do to also make it a great experience for your temporary worker:

  1. Be clear with your expectations. Make sure that your temp understands what the end result needs to be so neither of you is disappointed.

  2. Be available or have someone else available at least for the first day or two. Questions arise and looking for answers costs time.

  3. Make temps feel like a part of your process and team. Everyone wants to feel like they are contributing in some way. Being inclusive makes people more excited about working with you.

The needs are really quite simple and expected. People want to be plugged in where they feel like they are a fit and can do a great job. Getting a project done should not be a struggle for either of you. Keep your temporary workers happy with clear expectations, warm communication and genuine feedback. When everyone is happy, everyone is productive.