The True Art of Giving Thanks

By Catherine Lang-Cline

It is that time of year where everyone says, “give thanks.” And when we look at our lives we do have a lot to be thankful for. If you are in the group of the lucky ones, you have your health, food on the table, a job you love, and a wonderful family. I am thankful for all of that and more.

But let’s think about “thanks” a little differently. How often do you tell other people “thank you” and really mean it? Maybe a family member picked up dinner. Maybe your child made you something. Maybe someone at work did just one simple thing that was thoughtful. Did you say, “thank you?”

I have a number of years in customer service-type industries and trust me, there is a lot of thanking going on. I can tell you from experience that when someone says “thank you” and means it, it can change an entire day. That is quite a superpower that we all possess. So, say it. Say it to everyone. Say it even for just one day and see if you feel a change. It is still a game-changer everyday when my team and I hear it. It charges us up and makes us work harder.

Now let’s flip it. How well do you receive a “thank you?” Are you one of those people that simply reply, “No problem?” Next time try, “You are welcome.” Why? Because you just helped someone. Awesome! Accept that you did something good. Bask in that oh, so wonderful feeling by saying, “You. Are. Welcome.”  That feeling provides you with the food your body needs, that part of you that connects with humanity, that part of you that makes you feel really, really, good. You have done something to make that person’s day. Be open to the thank you and accept that gift.

Being thankful, giving thanks, and welcoming others are some of the great gifts we can share all year. They are affordable and sometimes it is the only thing that we need to hear. So as you list off all of the things that you are thankful for, think about all of the people connected to that. Thank them all personally, as soon as you can.

Feel good? You. Are. Welcome.