How To Plan For A Successful Year

By Catherine Lang-Cline

It’s January and this is the year! This is the year you are going to keep every resolution! We are going to start by making them very measurable and very possible.

Just as always, January 1st comes every year and it serves as a great opportunity to try something new or get a “re-do” in the coming year. Still working on some resolutions from last year? Well, they were probably not worded in a way that could show how they could be measured. One of the best tools to do this is to incorporate it into your electronic (or paper) calendar. All of my goals, workouts, and breaks are on my calendar; as well as, the check-ins to make sure I am getting closer to my goal.

Start by inserting the date that you wish to complete something, then add in check-ins, working backward, from when you want to check your progress. Need to make time to network? In December add to your calendar that your goal was to do 12 networking events for the year, averaging one a month. Add a check-in for March, June, and September to see how you are doing. You might have to double up on events if you are falling behind. Block out those times as soon as you can and then show up for all of these events. The things you want to complete are important. Ask those around you for some flexibility and if you can book meetings around your challenges because you need to give yourself the opportunity to grow professionally and meet people that can make an impact in your career.

Networking events are just a start, here are a few more ideas:
This is the year you will read more articles, write more articles, maybe write a book!
This is the year you will start, stop, or change your behaviors!
This is the year you will ask for help or find a mentor!
This is the year you will spend more time with friends and family!
This is the year you will take care of you!

Want to work out more? Get it on your calendar and keep those appointments with yourself. There is nothing more important than you and you need to treat yourself like you are important. Make appointments in your calendar for family time, sounds weird, but it works. Schedule things to do on the weekend, schedule vacations, schedule dinner, and get it in as soon as you can.

Do you know how I know this is all going to happen? Because you are going to set that time aside on your calendar to make it happen and hold yourself accountable or have someone you know help keep you accountable. Say what your plans are out loud in front to other people. Now you will have to get it done! 

You will get it done this year because this is the year!

– Catherine