A Day in the Life: Q +A with Brittnee Miller

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In the latest installment of our Columbus Creatives: A Day in the Life series, we talk with Brittnee Miller, a Social Media Community Manager whose side hustle is running a lifestyle blog. She is focused on building a collaborative community with other like-minded creatives. 


My morning starts off cold – I’m on dog duty so I take my pup, Rocko, out for his walk while I have the kettle turned on so I can warm up with a cup of tea. I get ready and check out Twitter because they always have something newsworthy that I need to check out. From there, it’s all about beating traffic to get to the Easton area and get to work. I work during the week as a Social Media Community Manager at Abbott Nutrition, so I am immersed in social media and trends all day. I love the brands that I work on especially when I have the ability to interact and engage with people all day long. Just imagine being on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the day and just talking to people from all over. Not only do I talk back, as the brand, but I’m following and trying to find advocates that will rep the brand and enter giveaways for samples.

My days vary with meetings on certain days and free time on others. Some days are filled with back to back meetings while other days are pretty chill and I can get tons of things done. Lunch meetings are my favorite when food is supplied (just wanted to add that in because it’s an important factor for attending a lunch meeting.)

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By the time the afternoon hits, I’m on a candy kick, trying to see what snacks we have in the kitchen before I make my way downstairs to buy M&M’s or White Cheddar Popcorn.My afternoons are mostly spent immersed in social media and usually, sipping on a hot green tea, and munching on a snack to get me through the rest of the afternoon.


An evening with me is pretty standard. Sometimes, I mix it up with happy hours at Pint House or a volunteer effort like I know I Can, or dropping off clothes for donations when the weather is warm, but this cold weather leads to one of those “once I get home, I’m not leaving” moods.

As soon as I get off of work, I’m in the car and trying to beat traffic by holding a concert for myself, by myself. I’m talking belting out the *NSYNC Christmas album and pretending I am Beyonce when one of her songs come on. It’s definitely a concert that more people should catch because I’m pretty sure they would be highly entertained.

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Every single day, I come home to a stretching pup that is ready to drag me outside. This is a daily routine for us – hot, cold, rain, sunshine, snow, etc., he knows the deal. Usually, my boyfriend is preparing taco salad or chicken parmesan for dinner, so yes, #blessed – maybe I’m spoiled but he’s a really good cook so it’s the perfect set-up where I sit and chat with him while working on my side hustle.

What is my side hustle, you ask? I’m a lifestyle blogger. This has become my hobby as I take what I learned from my day job and apply it to my blog. Working on my blog was an outlet when I started back in 2011/2012 – I didn’t take any of it seriously because who knew that it would be such a big thing? Not 19/20-year-old Brittnee, that’s for sure.  When it comes to my blog, I have a list of ideas that I want to talk about. I try to implement a mixture of posts since I focus on lifestyle so I am talking about fashion, fitness, career, college, beauty, and life. I’m trying to build a community where I can share something that might help the next person out, and I love the emails that I get from people with collaboration ideas and wanting to work together. 

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My blogging schedule consists of: 

  • Checking emails

  • Planning social posts

  • Scheduling time for pictures

  • Scheduling tweets and blog promotion

  • Writing posts

  • Editing pictures

  • Designing post graphics

  • Working with influencer programs

This is an everyday thing that I do while hanging out with my boyfriend and dog. It’s like leaving work to go to work. Now, if my boyfriend isn’t preparing dinner then you can find me snuggled up on the couch with my laptop and a Netflix show on. Current guilty pleasure is 90210. By 10:00 pm, you can catch me in my bed and ready for the day to be over. Such a grandma at such a young age, but I love my sleep.