A Day in the Life: Q+A with Lauren Adams

In the latest installment of our Columbus Creatives: A Day in the Life series, we talk with Lauren Adams, a graphic designer at La Senza. In her spare time Lauren enjoys lettering, and traveling to new places with her husband.


Hello, Columbus! My name is Lauren Adams. I am a graphic designer who was born and raised in the cornfields and quiet towns of northwest Ohio. Country girl turned city savvy, I now reside and work here. After graduating from design school in 2015, I spent a year as an in-house designer for a small, local business in Columbus (shout out to The Candle Lab)! After that, I did a brief freelancing stint for about a year. Now I’m back on the 9 to 5 with a full-time gig as a digital designer, but I still freelance on the side.

In my spare time, which I find even less of these days, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, traveling with my husband, snacking, and lettering. 



My mornings are really nothing to get all excited about. They usually start with me hitting the snooze button too many times, to the point where I wake up in a panic that I’m going to be late to work. What can I say? I like my sleep! Once I’m out of bed and ready, I‘ll make a pot of coffee for the commute into work. My husband and I only have one car (I know, that’s such a millennial thing to do), but it’s really cost effective and works for us, so why not? I drop him off at his job at treetree agency and then head out to the L Brands campus on Morse Road, where I currently work as a digital designer for La Senza

On the rare mornings, I actually get out of bed at an earlier hour, I’ll skip making my coffee myself and head to nearby Pistacia Vera or Fox in the Snow for my morning brew and a sweet treat. Those are the best mornings, and in my opinion, the way every day should be started!


In the afternoon, you can find me having a late lunch, jamming out to Spotify, and editing photos or creating other digital assets for La Senza. Snacks usually happen in the afternoon too. Lately, my go-to’s have been pretzel thins or Girl Scout Cookies!



After I’ve finished my day at work, I head out to pick up my husband again. From there we either head home to make dinner or, more often than not, hit up a happy hour with one of our friends. I would list our favorite locations, but we are pretty adventurous and like to try places we’ve never been before. It’s always somewhere new and different with us! From there, I spend the rest of the evening working on freelance work, practicing lettering on my iPad Pro, and tending to my houseplant collection. This is pretty much my everyday weekday routine. 

On weekends you’ll often find me anywhere except Columbus. My husband and I LOVE to travel. Whether it’s going to new cities, new countries, or even just back home to visit family, if we have free time, that’s what we do! It’s a busy and crazy life, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!