Local Love: Ten Reasons We Support Local Businesses

By Kristen Harris 

Portfolio Creative is a local business that strongly believes in supporting other local businesses. Why? Because the owners and employees of local businesses are our neighbors. Whether they literally live next door or in a community across town, we all contribute to and support the same community.

Here are our top ten reasons to show local businesses some love:

  1. Community Support. As members of the community, we support local causes that matter to us, our employees and our clients. Other local businesses do the same because we all have a direct connection to the community. We live here and want to contribute whatever we can–time, talent or treasure–to make it a better place.

  2. Hire Local. Most local businesses also hire locally, creating more opportunities for people who live in our community. As companies grow they hire more people, increase wages, provide opportunities for growth or advancement and attract people to our city. Supporting local business also supports our local workforce.

  3. Money Stays Here. When you spend money with a local business, more of that money stays in the community. Whether it’s $68 vs $43 of $100, or 48% vs 14% of each purchase, when you spend money with a local business instead of a chain store, more of it stays here and that’s a good thing.

  4. Relationships. When a business is local you have the opportunity to meet the humans behind the company. By interacting with the real people who work there every day you can build true relationships, find common interests, and support causes you both care about (see #1).

  5. Environmental Benefits. Buying locally can mean less transit and waste. Fewer miles driven and less packaging required are both good for the environment, creating less waste and unnecessary expense.

  6. Shared Resources. When businesses are located within a community they have the opportunity to share resources. Instead of each having a separate facility several businesses can share a warehouse space, or multiple food businesses can share a commercial kitchen. Sharing resources can help local businesses grow without taking on a high level of expense or debt.

  7. Taxes Stay Local. Local businesses pay local taxes. No one loves paying taxes but that is how we fund initiatives within our city, county, and state. Local taxes are directed toward needs specific to our area and help make our community better for all.

  8. Stay Interesting. With their own unique character and diversity, local businesses keep our community interesting. Based on the number of ‘Top Cities’ and ‘Best Communities’ lists Columbus has been on lately, clearly people outside of our city are noticing!

  9. Support Each Other. When local businesses grow, the whole community grows. Local businesses tend to support each other. A rising tide lifts all ships–when we do well the whole community does well. We believe in this and support local business whenever we can.

  10. Physical Presence. Local businesses are usually physical and tangible. You can drive by and see their shop, office or location so stop by your favorite local business and show them some love!