Making Resolutions You Can Keep

By Catherine Lang-Cline

Cheers! It is a new year and it’s time to make resolutions! Okay, let’s just admit that we are already feeling defeated and what is the point of even making resolutions?  Let’s try something different this year.

Rather than having goals that are “bigger bites than we can chew”, let’s make them more manageable by breaking them into smaller steps.

The #1 resolution is typically to lose weight or get more in shape. Start by:

  • Defining what that means, what does success look like? Is it 10 lbs? Is it running a 5K?

  • Set your first goal and give a “done by” date, ie: buy a scale, join a gym, hire a trainer, buy the shoes.

  • Set your next goal and sign up for a race, put a gym schedule in your calendar, show up to that first workout or limit what you eat.

  • Working one day at a time, set up that next workout date, do some research, find your motivators, repeat.

  • Celebrate each win!

By the end of the year (or by race day) you will have achieved your goal. Why? Because you followed the steps, the baby steps. You went to the gym this one day and then you went another day and then you missed a day because you were tired, but then you went back on the next scheduled day. You ran one block. Then you ran two. Then you just ran two again…but you kept going back.

Another resolution might be getting out of a job that you are not happy with. Seems daunting but what if your little goals were:

  • Research some companies and salaries.

  • Revisit all of your skills to see what you could be doing.

  • Rework your resume.

  • Network and ask for introductions.

  • Apply for some jobs.

  • Celebrate each win!

By the end of the year, you may have just scored your dream job. You already have a job, so no need to panic. Be meticulous. Have a research date, complete it. List your skill sets and really think about everything you have done and determine if you are missing any. Step, step, step.

Map everything out, every step, preferably in a calendar to hold yourself accountable. Set up reminders. Miss a completion date? Move the dates back and get back on track. Nothing is achievable overnight and everything worth doing is going to take some time. Know that there are many things that are in your control, especially if you can break that one big goal into a bunch of very achievable, small goals.

Baby steps.