More Than Ever, It’s Time to Bet on Yourself

By Kristen Harris

Creative careers are exciting and varied, but, right now, more than ever, it’s time to bet on yourself. At the time of this writing, we are in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, a global health situation that is starting to have significant economic consequences.

Many creatives have careers with more positions, employers, and changes than what might be expected in other industries. We take an opportunity for growth, move to a new agency to follow a client, get caught up in a merger, pivot to a corporate role, and keep on going. And sometimes we get laid off through no fault of our own. Clients are lost, projects put on hold, and there’s no more work for us to do. We can’t stay with no work, so off we go to find our next opportunity.

Sometimes we create our own work, business, brand, or outlet for our services. With access to technology, all types of work are evolving quickly–many industries are starting to look more like what we’ve been doing for years. I mean, creatives have been freelancing for decades; now, it’s been rebranded as “contracting” in “the gig economy.” 

Throughout all of these career ups and downs, one thing that remains consistent is YOU. No matter where you go or what position you take, your skillset comes too–along with your personality, soft skills, and reputation. You are not the job or title; you are the total package of what you bring to the job. And, when you move on, you package that all up and take it with you. 

Careers of all types, and especially creative careers, are a bet on yourself. Whether you work full time, part-time or freelance, for a small firm or a large corporation, you are in charge of your career. You are responsible for building your skillset, developing yourself, continually learning, presenting and protecting your reputation, and making the next best choice for yourself. 

Right now, with so much uncertainty around the economy and jobs, remember that your career is a bet on yourself. How can you position yourself to shift the odds in your favor?

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