Why Creatives That Get Laid Off Need More

By Catherine Lang-Cline

We have all lost a job at some point in our careers. Sometimes it is because we didn’t really mesh with the company and sometimes it is something that is out of our control. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in an average year, 3 million people lose their jobs that they have worked in for over 3 years. Also, Americans born in the early 1980s held an average of 8.2 jobs from age 18 through age 32, so changing jobs is really more of a natural occurrence than it really does feel. Because it actually stings a bit for both the employer and the employee.

In the 15 years that Portfolio Creative has been in business, there have been two events that have really affected a mass quantity of jobs; in 2008, there was the Recession and now in 2020 there is COVID-19 and in times like these, all of the stats go out of the window. In both events, we witnessed a lot of great talent suddenly finding themselves out of work and sometimes in a position where they really needed to pivot to get working again. In 2008, we coached a ton of talent, this time we are doing something more.

Both Kristen Harris and I have gone through some pretty well-known outplacement services. Once. Let’s be clear, we each have done it once. But in both incidents, we found that they fell a little short with creative people. Why? Because these placement services focused on preparing resumes and interviewing skills and creatives are different. People in the creative fields have portfolios, they have specific styles, they need to talk a lot more about the software they know and the skill sets that are adaptable in hundreds of different ways. So maybe, just maybe, someone should create that outplacement service that caters specifically to creatives? Challenge accepted. 

Right now, Portfolio Creative has a service to help. We are offering an outplacement service designed specifically for creative people. It’s a service where employers can plug in the creative people that they have regretfully had to let go: 1) because they really want to help the person, or 2) because they really want to get the person off of unemployment quicker…so either way, it’s a great investment. Its value comes in taking care of people and giving them an advantage to get back to work. Trust me, people talk about how well you treat people, even when they leave. Contact us to see the packages that we offer and to discuss a pricing option that works for your situation and perhaps remove a little bit of the “the sting.”

For people looking for work, our plan is to get you back to using that creative mind of yours. We will discuss with you:

  1. What you want to do next, is this a time to get into something completely new?

  2. How to get that resume noticed because this is your very first impression.

  3. How to update that portfolio by having the perfect amount of relevant and impactful samples of work.

  4. How to find your next job or project that is a fit for your culture and style.

Most of all, working with us will expand your horizon. We see and talk to a lot of people. As a result, we have a large network and are constantly in the know of the latest job openings. So definitely take advantage of who we can introduce you to.

During times of crisis, we have all looked inward to see how we can help. Sometimes it is something really simple. Sometimes it is much bigger. This is our something. Let us know if we can help you.