The Who, What, Where of Creative Tech Part 3 of a 3-Part Series: Where Are All of the Jobs in Creative Tech?

By Catherine Lang-Cline

I need to say first, that if you are looking for a role in creative tech, contact us at Portfolio Creative right away.

Second, if you are looking for someone for your company or project that knows creative tech, contact us at Portfolio Creative right away.

Creative tech is an evolution of many of the jobs that were once all done in print. Those still exist but because of the pandemic taking over our lives, and that includes how we buy things, everything has changed. So where are the jobs? They are everywhere.

Stores of All Sorts: Many stores have websites that show some photos of what they sell and where they are located. Since the pandemic, people have adapted to shopping online, at-home delivery, and curbside service. To be customer-savvy, any information and anything you want people to buy needs to be online. It needs shopping carts that work as well as a couple of choices for payment. This is also a great time to collect customer names and get them on a newsletter schedule or on a list to announce sales in-store. Stores need to have websites that are also compatible with phones, pads, and laptops.

Restaurants: People may rush to dine in, but what about all of the people that enjoyed just picking up food and eating at home? If you haven’t already updated all of your digital, now might be the time. Are you ready for the re-open? Can you accept reservations online? Text people when their table is ready? Can they order food from their phones when dining in. Restaurants will need to have websites that are also compatible with phones, pads, and laptops. Brace yourselves for diners coming back and for takeout to continue.

Companies of all sizes: In general people have embraced tech. So companies will need to be ready with virtual calls with customers, ordering online by customers, all systems virtual, possibly robo-chat to help with waiting in line, and again, all of that needs to be compatible with pads, phones, and laptops Many companies have successfully had a website that has been a placeholder for years, to show a few nice photos and the address of the company. Investing in something with more function is a good investment as this type of commerce will not be temporary as people have gotten very comfortable with the ease of searching and shopping online. Startups and companies that are growing need to add pages and build a professional presence as “looking companies up online” is the practice people gravitate towards. Do you still want to talk to clients? Make sure emails and extensions are easy to find and everything can be forwarded to a home office. 

This is a big part of the “new normal” that we will be experiencing. While different, it can result in more sales and opportunities if everything looks inviting and is easy to navigate. I will be the first to admit that I probably have bought more food, clothes, beverages, and home supplies online than I planned on in the past year. Thank you algorithms! You always know what I need.

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