A Day in the Life: Q+A with Dylan Menges

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Hi, I’m Dylan Menges, the guy who got struck by lightning as a kid. Years later, lightning made its way into the logo for my studio, Menges Design. It’s located at The Fort in South Columbus, close to home in Merion Village where my wife, Janet, and I share a house with our Siamese cat, Cowboy. Our studio digs big ideas that become brand identities, illustrations and environmental designs.


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Waking with the sun is fun, but pre-dawn is sacred for me. Literally, time to pray while the world is still. I bring Janet home-brewed coffee, then we run or walk together. I’ll stop at Bake Me Happy on the way to the studio—if you get there early the scones are warm from the oven. And my other favorite: Emmett’s breakfast burrito, stuffed with tater tots. At the studio, my first task is to review the day’s priorities. Then focus on creative work while fresh—and wired on coffee.

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With mornings dedicated to creative work (usually), I try to keep client meetings contained to afternoons. In between, I’ll play a record, and revisit creative tasks. With The Fort as a client, I walk around with my Fuji camera to capture what’s happening at this massive former fire truck factory. Meeting new tenants on these walks has turned our latest office into a collaborative design; ten makers at The Fort contributed to the space, from prints to custom furniture. We’re thrilled with how the new studio looks and functions.


We live in a walkable neighborhood, so Janet and I love to find dinner on foot or on our bikes. Recent favorite: Joe vs. The Volcano Roll at Jonys Sushi on Thurman Avenue. Our go-to places are the Audubon park and Scioto Trail—downtown gems a mile from home. And we equally love being at home with Cowboy the cat, who follows us around like a loyal dog and watches movies with us (seriously).