What’s New? High-Demand and Emerging Digital Marketing Roles

By Kristen Harris

As marketing and creative recruiting experts, we help clients find and hire the right marketing talent for their team. Marketing is a rapidly-changing industry, so we’re always looking for which roles are new, emerging, or growing in demand to serve our clients with their future needs. Even needs they might not know are coming (yet). 

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is here to stay and growing exponentially. For more on that, check out our previous post, Digital Marketing on a Hiring Frenzy in 2021. Roles like web designer, digital copywriter, SEO expert, or social media manager have been around for a while, even in this relatively new space. So which marketing talent is in the highest demand right now?

Professional networking sites provide good insight into trends in titles, roles, job postings, and hiring. Of the fifteen categories on LinkedIn’s recent list of high-demand jobs, five categories relate to marketing or creative. For those who enjoy math, that’s ⅓ of the in-demand categories!

Digital Marketing Experts (#6 of 15)

  • Top titles and skills: Digital Marketing Specialist – Social Media Manager – Marketing Representative – Search Engine Optimization Specialist – Product Marketing – Digital Strategy – Brand Management

Digital Content Creators (#9 of 15)

  • Top titles and skills: Content Coordinator – Writing Consultant – Podcaster – Blogger – Video Editing – Creative Writing – Public Speaking

Specialized Engineers (#11 of 15)

  • Top titles and skills include: Web Developer – Frontend Developer – Game Developer – Web Development – Program Management

User Experience (#13 of 15)

  • Top titles and skills: User Experience Designer – Product Design Consultant – User Interface Designer – User Experience Researcher – Web Design – Design Thinking – User Experience Testing

Data Science Specialists (#14 of 15)

  • Top titles and skills include: Data Analyst- Data Visualization

Our experience supports LinkedIn’s list–these are the requests we hear from clients every day. Companies are looking to hire many of these roles, and the market for talent is competitive.

Great, so we know what’s in demand right now. What about new and emerging roles? 

Here are six new and interesting digital marketing roles we see right now:

  • Growth Hacker – Also called Growth Marketer, but “hacker” sounds cooler, right? This role looks at marketing that targets the entire growth funnel; they focus on customer acquisition, success, and retention. Working with various marketing media and teams, they usually have a high level of digital marketing experience and experience analyzing and applying data.

  • UX Content Writer – Or UX Copywriter, this person focuses on not only the words used to represent your brand, company, or product. They also understand your customer engagement and conversion process and create content to draw customers through that process.

  • YouTuber – Yep. It’s not just for marble rallies and hair tutorials. Companies are now adding YouTube content creators to their marketing mix.

  • E-Commerce Specialists – With online purchasing becoming crucial to businesses, many are adding digital marketing roles that focus solely on e-commerce. Rather than a social media, SEO, and digital marketing generalist, these are people who work in those functions but with a particular emphasis and expertise in e-commerce.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist – As teams create more and more content, it’s essential to know that it’s working to educate, interest, and convert readers to customers. CRO specialists focus on optimizing websites, user flow, and content to drive the most conversions (whatever that means for your business). They audit content, measure ROI, make content recommendations for maximum impact, and analyze reader data.

Of course, this list is constantly changing as new technologies rise in popularity and social trends shift. Ask us tomorrow, and we might have a new answer! Are you looking ahead or working to fill a current need on your marketing or creative team? Our team of experts is ready to help.