Everyone is Hiring, So Don’t Miss Out.

By Catherine Lang-Cline

We recently sent out a survey to our clients, probably a few of you we would like to be clients, and asked about your current hiring plans, regardless of in-office or remote and the results are in:



As you can see, people are hiring! Next question, what kind of people are they hiring? For those of you that guessed full-time employees, you are right!



People are ready to move forward and we not only saw this in our simple survey but we have been seeing it published everywhere and we are ready for it. We are here for you to find candidates that you can hire directly as well as temp-to-hire. Point is, we are all stocking up on great people and if you want some of the best, you are going to have to move quickly.

The next question is: where can I find great people? You can follow your usual paths of finding people, those still work. But the thing is, we have some valuable intel, businesses are deciding how to handle their “back to the office” plan and employees are preparing their responses. Employees are falling into 3 categories:

  1. “Yes, please!” These people work best in an office environment with lots of collaboration,

  2. “Let’s just think about this a minute.” These employees have finally achieved a great balance between work and home life. They are productive at home but sometimes want to physically be a part of the team,

  3. “Absolutely not.”

What does all of that mean? A lot of people are going to be moving around to fit their new work-life choice. If you are “all in” on going back to the office, I can guarantee that there are a few that are not and are willing to look for another job before they do return. That works the opposite way as well. This is your chance to grab some really great people that are simply wanting to work a certain way. We know a lot of them. So don’t hesitate to contact us at Portfolio Creative to help you strategize on how you are going to build your team going forward. Who better than a team that specializes in and advocates for people like us.