Digital Marketing on a Hiring Frenzy in 2021

By Kristen Harris

It’s no secret that the digital side of marketing has been growing exponentially over the past several years. We were already used to researching a product online, checking out user reviews, comparing prices, and (maybe) placing an order online. In 2020 that “maybe” shifted to “definitely”–we purchased anything and everything we could without leaving the house. According to census data, in 2020, total e-commerce sales increased 32% over 2019

Who do you think was behind-the-scenes, driving all of that e-commerce activity? Digital marketing experts. 

Every online journey involves a variety of digital marketing pros. From building an attractive, user-friendly website filled with engaging and informative content to crafting strategies that ensure an ad for the exact product you need pops up on your screen just when you need it, then measuring the effectiveness of all those ads, there’s a digital marketing expert behind every step.

Marketers have an increasingly high impact on the companies they work for and a growing responsibility for customer experiences. According to the most recent CMO Survey, 72% of respondents reported that “the importance of marketing in their companies increased during the last year”. Companies had to quickly increase sales through their online platforms or, in some cases, start selling online for the first time. In this increased frenzy of online shopping, customer demands and expectations related to digital experiences also increased. If their experience isn’t fast, user-friendly, informative, engaging, and easy to use, shoppers will simply move on.

In 2020, marketing jobs experienced both job losses and gains, reflecting a shift in roles and an ever-increasing demand for digital skills. When asked which important digital investments they made over the last year, respondents to the CMO Survey reported: optimizing websites (74%), digital media and search (65%), data analytics (56%), MarTech systems or platforms (54%), and online experimentation or testing (45%).

Looking to ramp up your digital presence, continue to leverage your online brand, or focus on new digital opportunities? Based on this survey data, key marketing roles will continue to include experts in social media, SEO, digital media strategy, user experience, web design, copywriting, and content strategy. 

If you’ve been trying to hire people for these roles, you already know that quality talent is in high demand. Need a recruiting expert in your corner to help you identify and hire just the right digital marketing professionals for your team? That’s what we do, and we’re here to help. Stay safe and keep building that online presence–digital marketing is here to stay.