Are Fractional Marketing Roles For You?

By Catherine Lang-Cline

Hello, I am Catherine Lang-Cline and I have had a staffing and recruiting company with Kristen Harris for over 16 years. We have specialized in marketing for all of those years and wow, have things changed since we have started. Today, I am going to share some ideas with you about “fractional” roles in marketing your company may need. What do I mean when I say “fractional?”

 We can get to the definition the quickest by saying what fractional is not, fractional is not whole. This makes “fractional” merely a part or fraction. When it comes to marketing, that may be all that you need. For example:

  A Fractional CMO can be brought in to establish or lead your company’s marketing function on a part-time or short-term consultative basis. The fractional part means you get a senior marketing leader who’s fully committed to your team, but not fully burdened with executive-level costs.

 A Fractional Marketing Director is a part-time marketing resource who provides direction, guidance, and leadership to a company’s marketing department. The people who work in this role have a lot of experience across marketing channels like digital, social, web, SEO, and events.

 Here is how it can help you and your business;

  1. If you have no one currently doing marketing within your company and you could use someone that you can delegate that to,

  2. You have a team, but they are lacking some of the skills to stay current,

  3. Your budget will not allow for you to bring on a full time, high-level person,

  4. You just need an effective plan for your current team to follow.

 Let’s start with the great news, we know these people! They can be a part of your team in a fractional capacity, meaning, they help you out but you don’t have long searches and sign-on bonuses, and moving expenses, etc., they don’t even have to be with you 40-hours a week, which makes it easier to budget for. 

 You can delegate your marketing and you can delegate your search for this person. Marketing has never been more complicated or more important than it has been right now. Contact us at Portfolio Creative and we can talk with you about the possibilities. We can get you started on your next great marketing adventure.