Thank you.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You The year has whizzed by again and here we are in November. We take a breath. We give thanks. The timing seems a bit right as we are finally lifting our heads up from another busy year and preparing to gather with family and friends for the holiday season, let’s reflect on what we are thankful for: Our health. It’s priceless and if you or anyone else was in poor health this year, you know what I am talking about. The people around us.

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Year-End Wrap up! Four Things Creative People Should Do Before 2023.

By Kristen Harris Can you believe that another year has almost passed?! I. Can’t. But, here we are in October, officially the fourth quarter of 2022, and staring hard at the beginning of 2023. Are you ready? As the year comes to a close, here are four things creative people should do to wrap up the current year and prepare for the new one coming. Put together your holiday plans. While we love pumpkin pie and holiday shopping lists, right now we’re talking about putting together your work plans. A

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Back to School Time…It’s the Other New Year!

By Kristen Harris Back-to-school time isn’t just for the kids–in this season a lot of adults return to or ramp up their work schedule. Whether you’re starting a new job this fall, taking on additional work, or just resetting after the summer, it pays to be prepared. Here are our best tips on how to set yourself up for success! Before Your First Day (because Day One prep starts before Day One) Get up-to-speed on the company. Hopefully, you already learned about the company and department through the interview process.

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New Employees? 6 Easy Tips for Greater Onboarding Success!

We can all remember starting at a new school or job. The excitement that occurs when you are starting something new, meeting new people, and learning the cadence of everything around you. Attending a new school ended up not being too challenging as schedules are provided, you are meeting all of your new teachers, and a syllabus or presentation about expectations were provided. It worked with a large group of new students, so why is it so challenging for some companies to start a new employee? True story, I was

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Out of Office : Vacation

Have you scheduled your vacation yet? It’s never too late because taking time off can happen at any time of the year. So if you haven’t done it yet, take a couple of minutes and look at your calendar and block out that time. I am notorious for not vacationing, but after a year or two of that, I realized that it was not only unfair to my family, but to myself. How about you? Does the opportunity always seem to come and go and nothing gets done? Here is

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