Thanks for working with us!

We appreciate having the chance to earn your business. There are four key points of communication that will occur throughout this process that will lead us to success and wanted to share those with you.

  1. A candidate’s first question to the recruiter is typically, “What’s it like to work there?” Stories that demonstrate your culture and anecdotes about the more successful people currently working there are good for us to hear and we’re always open to hearing more of them. Please share!

  2. What are your expectations regarding how the hiring process will unfold? This benefits you, us and the candidates. Let’s work together to lay out the path that everyone will follow throughout the candidate evaluation, interview(s) and the offer phases. We’re experts in the hiring process, but it’s important for us to understand how we can adjust to accommodate to your company’s particular style of hiring.

  3. Please provide us with honest feedback regarding the initial evaluation of the candidates we present to you and following any interviews that occur. We’re working for you and it’s important we know exactly how you feel about a candidate. Subtleties can make all the difference in determining who the perfect candidate is for a job. We’ll work with you to ensure you feel confident about each decision you make as you move closer to an offer.

  4. Getting the offer right is important to everyone involved. We’ve been having conversations with the candidates since the beginning of the process, so we’ll have a very good feeling for what will get a deal done. Please trust us in that we have the experience walking the line between your company’s interest and the candidate’s interest and understanding what will be required to get an offer accepted.    

Our recruiters are looking forward to talking more about these points with you. We expect to successfully fill your role and get you someone great!

-The Portfolio Creative Team