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Your creative team member just announced they are leaving you. Has taken an extended vacation. Welcomed a baby. Or is just out of the office for the time being. Perhaps a seasonal project is looming that’s in need of creative attention.

We’re is here to help. You can count on us to work with you to determine exactly what your needs are. We’ll find talent to meet your short or long-term needs, connect you with candidates, and you decide who’s the best fit.

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Need a creative individual to join your team ASAP? We can help.

We listen and learn about your business needs, and we strive to understand the creative individual who would be the best fit.

It’s more than just a job description on paper. We want to help you find the right person, with the skills and personality to become an effective part of your team. No job description? We can help you with that, too.

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It’s never easy to let go of a member of your team, but there are gracious ways to show your appreciation for their time, and to offer thoughtful guidance for their future.

Our job transition services will collaborate with you to offer support to you, your company and your other employees, as well as for the creative individual who will no longer be part of your team. Simply put, we are here to assist you in respectfully and graciously helping individuals move from your company to new opportunities.

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